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Is a place for children to:

  • Learn
  • Play
  • Grow
  • Sing & Dance
  • Be Creative
  • Experiment
  • Gain Self Confidence
  • Acquire Faith & Values
  • Develop Socially & Emotionally
  • Make New Friends

Be Lovingly Nurtured
Outside The Home!













Our learning objectives are based on sound developmental practices and current theories on how young children learn.

We create a rich classroom environment that stimulates creative thinking and invites hands on exploration and imaginative play through individual expression and choice within a variety of learning experiences.

Since early childhood is a period of rapidly developing language, we foster pre-reading and writing skills by linking language throughout our environment and curriculum.

We include math, science, social studies, art, music, dramatic play, and health activities. We use our large muscles in active play and expand our fine motor skills daily.

We extend social and emotional growth in children by growing their self-esteem and encouraging problem solving that is respectful and sensitive to the feelings, interests, and needs of both the individuals and of the group. We apply only positive discipline techniques.

We stretch our horizons by walking to places of interest in our neighborhood and by planning field trips using school buses and chaperones.

Special events, parent activities, and visits from community workers enrich our program.

5 Bartholdi Ave., Butler, NJ 07405 | Phone: 973-492-3103 | Fax: 973-492-3155 | Email: noahsark2006@optonline.net